Time Travel – Time Dilation and Theories

Time Travel- Albert Einstein

Time travel is the concept of moving between different points in time in a manner analogous to moving between different points in space. Albert Einstein introduced the concept of Time Dilation or Time Travel. Before Einstein it had assumed that the time was constant, whether you are in earth or on Mars or near black hole. Before Einstein one of the most famous mathematics and physicist in the world, Issac Newton say’s that, regardless of the speed with which you’re travelling through space, the flow of time would be constant.


Time Dilation

Albert Einstein was the first person to refuse Newton theory. He said the Newton was wrong. Time ins’t constant. He claimed that time was like a river. Like water flows in a river, sometimes the river slows down, sometimes the flow of the river speeds up. Similarly, the flow of time, sometimes it slows down and some sometimes it slows down and sometime it picks up the pace. Depending upon speed and gravity.

Einstein said that time can actually be speed up and slowed down. If speed and gravitational force could changed. This is known as Time Dilation.

Using Gravitation

Gravitation force also leads to time dilation. More the gravity, more would be Time Dilation. If you imagine a mesh, and you put planetary objects on them. The heavier the ball the more this mesh would had wrapped. The more the mass a planetary object had the more will be its gravitational field.

Similarly, we get to see a curve in the space-time fabric due to gravitational force of an object. The more closer we get to an object with a high gravitational force, The more would you feel time slow down. In the mess, the steeper you drop is, the more time slows down for you.

If you want to travel to future you need to spend time near an object that has large amount of gravitational force such as Black Hole.

It is said that Blackholes are the heaviest object of universe and light starts bending around blackholes.

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Way to Future

If you are sitting in an object that is going very fast, like an rocket or spacecraft, the faster something goes the more time would slow down for it, relative to a person who isn’t going as fast.

There was an experiment in 1971. Two atomic clocks had used. One is put on the ground and other is kept on aeroplane. The aeroplane goes around the Earth and lands back. On comparing both the clocks it had noticed that the clock, that was in the aeroplane was behind the other clock.

As a conclusion, if we are able to create an aircraft or rocket that travels at the speed of light, and you get in the rocket for 10yrs. And then you will get return to Earth after 9000yrs. But with improvements in technology, we can build more such aircraft and spaceships that can fly faster. It would slowly become possible.

Types of Time Travel

One-way Travel to Future

The Traveller leaves home, but the people he or she left behind might be aged or dead by the time the traveller returns.

Instantaneous Time Jumping

The traveller travels from one point to another point in spacetime instantaneous using a time machine, some portal or a wormhole.

Slow Time Travel

In this the time traveller gets inside a box with every minute he spends in box. He goes back in the time by a minute. So if he wanted to go back 24hr so he had to stay in the box for 24hrs.

Travel with light

If a rocket in the future which matches the speed of light made, then we will be able to go back to time in future.

Einstein Relativity Theory

TheĀ Theory of Relativity, which explains that the laws of physics are the same for every stationary person. In the process, it also describes the relationship between space and time.

Related to the theory of relativity is the general theory of relativity and the special theory of relativity. The general theory describes how time is affected by large bodies, such as planets and black holes. Due to the large mass of these bodies, time had slowed significantly. The special theory states that time moves faster for accelerating objects. It also says that no objects can move as fast as the speed of light of their power.

Albert Einstein’s theory of time travel is built around each of his theories of relativity. It is that an object moving at the speed of light will be able to travel into the future. This theory implies that only time travel into the future is possible.

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