Mountbatten Plan

Lord Mountbatten, India’s last Viceroy, proposed a plan from the British on June 3, 1947. The plan, also known as the Mountbatten Plan, came to be known as the ‘last plan for independence’. According to which their nation would be independent and give them right to form their own constitution.

What was Mountbatten Plan

1. Lord Mountbatten proposed the Mountbatten plan on June 3.

2.It was the India independent act 1947 presented (July 4) and was accepted (July 18).

3.India would be splitting into two nations after this independence →India and Pakistan.

4.The plan included the principles of partition and gave autonomy and sovereignty to both India and Pakistan.

5. Both nations now have the right to form their own constitution.

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Other information

Q. What was August offer?

1.Viceroy Linlithgow gave offer of Dominion status

2.At Wardha INC (Indian National Congress) rejected the offer.

3.Jawaharlal Nehru remarked that the dominion status concept was dead as doornail.

Q. Provision of India Independent act?

  • The British authorities left India on Fifteenth August, 1947.
  • India will now divided into two sovereign provinces – India and Pakistan.
  • The powers formerly exercised through the British authorities in India could be transferred to each of those states.
  • Prohibition of Office of the Secretary of State for India.
  • Provision was made for the Governor-General for every territory, who was to be named by the Queen of England on the exhortation of the Dominion government. He was not to act in his individual judgment or circumspection however will act just as the constitutional head of the state.
  • Each Domain must have a sovereign legislature to set the rules. Legislation passed by the British Parliament will not be automatically apply to India.
  • Both countries will have their own Constituent Assembly.
  • Until a Constitution is formulated by a Constituent Assembly in any dominion, it will work as closely as possible with the 1935 Act.
  • Constitutional heads of the provinces will be provincial governors.
  • Reservation of the posts of Secretary of State should be stop. Government personnel wishing to resign after the transfer of power to both dominions must do so.
  • British domination of the states and tribal territories of India will end on August 15, 1947. In this case, states will decide whether they want to participate in India or Pakistan.
  • From now on, Office of Commonwealth Affairs will now manage relationship of the UK government with India.

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